Education for a sustainable future

Thulabharam teaches in Maria Montessori method, it gives a scope of getting knowledge of being active in self-motivated activities, practical learning, cooperative perform. We encourage the child to grow in a mixed age group. All friends are clubbed at one lovely ambiance enrolling together to cultivate socialization and freedom of choice under limitation. This develops their skills under trained professional’s guidance facilitating the child to learn, hear, act, and develop.

The following are the aspects of Montessori:

• Natural learning potential
• Prepared environment
• Methods
• Education of movements
• Education of senses
• Development of language
• Development of mathematical mind

Points to prospect by parents on Montessori education:

1. Is it devised according to the Maria Montessori principles in using Montessori materials, gaining purposes of such methods through apt teachers and administration?
2. Are kids treated with affection and respect?
3. Classroom ethics in a pleasing and orderly manner.
4. Allow child to select the learning which blocks a huge time of two to three hours of theirs.
5. Parents permit to classroom.
6. Demonstration of new activity in small groups or individually.
7. Explanation on school’s philosophy and activity workshops involving parents in their children’s education.
8. The ambience is socio-friendly with sufficient staffs.

About Thulabharam

Our Vision

Our vision is creating an approach-based environment to help the child to adapt, grow individual identity, understand value of life and social learning for their sustainable future.

About Thulabharam

Our Mission

Take part with us for a continued, pressure free schooling that helps the children to manage their day-to-day. We aim to create an environment similar to home, which is free of fear, comparison, and competition with organised activities. We plan to design our education pattern in a manner that takes them complete liberty to manifest a simple, self-motivated, natural way of living, joy of being individual at both personal and societal level.