Education for a sustainable future

Child’s Sustained Future


Excellent advancement inbuilt with your child’s learning for a sustained tomorrow

Montessori helps in engaging, competing being responsible and act human in the world and step out as an individual citizen with an idea of understanding and enhancing the life through knowledge.

coach on unique

Coach on unique individual


Develop order, teamwork, focus, and being self-disciplined

care public

Being intertwined to one another, care public.


Freedom to enjoy with control


Best method of gaining knowledge


Capability to assess and correct one’s own self

Why choose us

Optimize and experience a stable life with Thulabharam

Montessori education is the basic education for life sustainability that is powerful, drives positive attention focussing on experimental designed models measured with certain metrics applying the neuroscience perspective. A trustworthy harmonious path of life in all ebb and flow with our Thulabharam. We attempt to satisfy the child and tame the child to attain a cheerful and colourful space that caters children of age 18 months to 6 years. Our basic life sustaining method is to support and assure the child to lead a confident, independent way of life in an eco-friendly, happy and caring home-like ambiance.


No uniforms

No books

No home works

No exams

But assured to lead a healthy life style