Education for a sustainable future


Each program pertains to an age and the activity carried out under each differs to keep the child engaged. It is our responsibility to keep the child growing in both skill and as a human.

Thulabharam Toddler


Group of children who have crossed the age of 18 months or steady walkers are considered as Toddlers.


House of Children

This is the place where the child is made as an observer as well as tuned to understand the practical life .

Readers and Learners

Readers and Learners

Facing the real situation of the world around 360 degrees and improve their ability to cope with the present and future.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning

This programme is to bring the back to normalization. This brings the child to live independently, and achieve..,

Play Gallery

Summer Classes

Bring in the joy and happiness by engaging your children in every hot summer holiday season.